Registration for online Medicaid approved State Registered Nurse Aide Training Course
Please Note* Health Education Center is now requiring all students to submit completed documentation of a Two-Step Tuberculosis Screening. Therefore, all students must have documentation of the Screening completed a minimum of seven days apart to a maximum allowed of twenty-one days apart.
Email your TB test details to
If you have any questions, please call Chelsey Styer - (502) 762-5151
Your payment is required upon Registering. Please Register, and pay with a Credit/Debit card through PayPal. Thank you!
Health Education Center will contact each student within 180 days of receiving the Certificate of Completion by email for the following information. It is by the KY State Job Placement Law that we must request this from each student
1)  Name of employer
2)  Name of the student who received the Certificate of Completion
3)  Address and telephone numbers of student and employer
4)  Title of Employment
5)  Duties of Employment
6)  Length of Employment
7)  Total hours worked per pay period
8)  Name and title of person(s) providing the information to HEC
9)  The date the information is provided
Thank you for agreeing to comply with the KY Job Placement Law and cooperating with Health Education Center, LLC.
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There is no refund on any tuition or insurance charges. Please refer to the school catalog for all policies and fees.
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I give permission to Health Education Center to email my TB Tests and Background check to the HEC approved Clinical facility I will attend.
I agree to email or fax my TWO STEP TB Test or TB Blood test results and Background check to HEC at least 3 days before my Clinical date to attend.
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